Questions nobody has asked

I know this what will what?

It’s from one of my favorite hymns.  For some reason, the majority of Unitarian Universalist hymns have their first line as the title so it is called, unsurprisingly, ‘I know this rose will open.’  It’s by Mary Grigolia.

I know this rose will open.

I know my fear will burn away.

I know my soul will unfurl its wings.

I know this rose will open.


Metaphors are hard.

Yes, they are.  In this case, the rose represents my life, and the possibilities open before me.


That’s pretty optimistic for someone who’s depressed.

I have long ago reached the conclusion that I must fake it until I make it, or, that I will never be happy if I am not happy now.  Therefore, I try to find joy where I can and remain hopeful, and when I can’t, I pretend.  Life may be difficult but it can also be wonderful.  I try to remember this, most of the time.


What’s a UU?

UU stands for Unitarian Univeralism, UUs for Unitarian Univeralists. Very basically,  UUism is a religion (not a denomination of Christianity, and explicitly not Christian) which believes that all people are good, and we should all be nice to each other and to the earth.  See for more, or my own statement of belief here: This I Believe

What’s autism?

Something I will be writing an awful lot about, but in the meantime, see


When were you diagnosed/ you’re too smart to be autistic/ what’s your story.

Please see here:

I Am Autistic


Why is this blog anonymous? Who’s Ekie?

Ekie is an online handle I’ve used since I was probably fifteen or so.  This blog is anonymous because it seems like a basic thing a safety-conscious person should do.  I will be using pseudonyms for every real person, with the exception of famous people, I post about – no exceptions.  I also always, always get permission to post about someone before I do, even though this is anonymous.


I want to write you an email.

I have yet to figure out how to get an anonymous email address associated with this site.  Until then, leave me your address in the comments and I will write to you.


You don’t really know anything about blogging, do you?

Not really, no……..


3 thoughts on “Questions nobody has asked

  1. This is beautiful and I’m SO glad you’re doing it. You have a unique and very smart voice, very spiritual in its own way. Thank you for notifying me via means other than FaceBook, too!


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