Not Dead Yet

I know that it has been forever since I have updated this blog. I stopped writing it because honestly, I was in just too much pain to type. I was very worried that I would never write again because the pain in my arms was so bad. However this fall numerous things have happened, among them that I got services from a few state agencies. With the help of two of them-one for training, one for funding-I have, as of this week, acquired a new computer, my first laptop, with a program called Dragon speak installed. It is Dragon with which I am writing this. Dragon is a dictating software which enables you to write via speaking into a microphone. I am still getting used to it, and my writing via speech is much, much slower than my writing via typing, because I learned to type when I was 11 and writing has always come much easier to me than speaking has.

However, unlike typing, speaking does not cause me to be in enormous pain. Therefore, as I have done my entire life, I will persevere despite my difficulties. I am hoping to get back into serious writing, including submitting articles for publication to other venues, soon. I know that it will be slower, and it will be harder, but everything in my life that I have ever accomplished I have done with more slowness and more difficulty than other people have. So the method might be new, but my attitude is the same. Forward is the only way to go. Writing, however I do it, gives me joy. As the state agency representative said when they agreed to fund the software, I am going to get my voice back.

And so, if I have any readers left, hello, and I hope-no, I know-I will be back here, to tell you so, so many things, soon.

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