Day of Mourning, 2015

I do not know how to write this.

I do not know what to say.

Tracy Latimer

Charles-Antoine Blais

Casey Albury

Pierre Pasquiou

That we are here

again, we are here,

Jim Helm,

Daniel Leubner,

James Joseph Cummings Jr

in the cold and in the sun,





Angelica Auriemma

Scott Olsen

Eric Bland

Scarlett Chen

Patrick Markcrow

The list grows ever longer.

Every year, the danger

That society poses increases.

Jude Mirra

Ajit Singh

Gerren Isgrigg

Leosha Barnett

Today, March 1, is the Disability Day of Mourning.  It is when we stop and remember the lives of people with disabilities murdered by their caregivers.  We stop and think about the fact that these people lived lives that we knew and we know intimately: they struggled with communication and sensory issues, they dealt with medical problems, they suffered seizures.  All of these things we know intimately – all of these things that society says is suffering, and therefore, to stop the suffering, the life should stop, too.

Stop the seizures, yes.  Nobody would object to that.  But society is overzealous – they want to eliminate the disability so completely, they also eliminate the people.  The people, who laugh and cry and learn and grow and who have thoughts and hopes and dreams just like anybody else.


                Nancy Fitzmaurice

                London McCabe


Our lives are worth living.

Our constant refrain.

Our lives are worth living.

Let us live,

Let us live and remember.

*Names in italics are just a few of the disabled people murdered by their caregivers in the past thirty years.

For more information on the Disability Day of Mourning, see


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